Great career prospects

Currently, skilled workers (m/f) who have a relevant vocational training, update professional skills and knowledge of the local language, have good chances in the labour market in Scandinavia or the Netherlands.

In-Demand jobs:

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  • Electronic Technician – Energy and Building Services
  • Electronic Technician – Information and Telecommunication Technology
  • Electronic Technician – Machine and Drive Technology
  • IT technician
  • Systems mechanic – sanitary, heating and air conditioning technologyKfz
  • Car and truck mechanic
  • Automotive technician
  • Automotive painter
  • Coachbuilders and vehicle manufacturer
  • Carpenter
  • Roofer, wall and sealing technology
  • Furniture and construction carpenter
  • Parquez recliner
  • Drywall builder
  • Painter
  • Floor tiler
  • Bricklayer
  • Concrete worker
  • Bus driver
  • Truck driver
  • Road builders
  • Heavy machine operator
  • Warehouse logistics specialist
  • Welding professional
  • Construction mechanic
  • CNC-Specialist
  • Chef
  • Baker/pastry chef
  • Restaurant and hotel professionals
  • Farmer (animal and plant breeding)
  • Gardener – gardening and landscaping
  • ITprofessional
  • Engineer (different areas)
  • Physicians/doctors
  • Certified Nurses
  • Geriatric Nurse
  • Truck driver
  • VVS / Gas Wasser
  • Hotel / Gastronomy
  • Helper / Food / Tourism


  • Good earning potential (according to tariff)
  • Temporary or permanent employment
  • Different places of work in the destination country
  • Assistance in finding accomodation

If you are interested please contact us or send us your complete application, as long as you meet all the above Criteria.

If you have not found your profession on the list, feel free to contact us. Of course, we also research individually.

Applicants without knowledge of the respective national language can apply to one of our preparatory language intensive training.

We are happy to help you with the search for accommodation. Rostock is an old Hanseatic city in northern Germany and is located directly on the Baltic Sea. From Hamburg or Berlin, it only takes about two hours to get to Rostock. Candidates who are interested can contact us to arrange further details or send us their complete application documents (with references) directly.


Here is a selection of requests from Scandinavian employers..

If your profession is not listed, you can still send us your application documents, because constantly receive many new offers. As a skilled professional with work experience, you can assume that you will have very good chances in the Scandinavian job market.
What is always important is to have good language skills in the respective national language, which you can gain as part of a 12-week intensive training  “Working and living in Scandinavia” in our location.

For all jobs, female and male positions are of course available.

Currently, experienced toolmakers, kindergarten teachers and crane assemblers are being sought in Norway. Likewise, bus drivers with work experience are hired. Truck drivers e-mail applications are currently difficult, but there are still many places available. Gardeners and landscapers have of course very good prospects for the spring. Other interesting fields: locksmith/welder, construction (also road / civil engineering), chemistry, electrical engineering, environmental technology, chemistry / bio-engineers, wood professions, motor vehicles, service (gastro: cooks, waiters, hoterfachkräfte), cleaners with training, painters, Hairdressers, gas/water fitter.

Job portal at or

Interesting professional fields currently for Sweden: hotel/catering, animal caretakers, hairdressers, fitness trainers, gas/water installers, welders, surveyors, cooks, geriatric nurses, nursing assistants, vehicle fitters, car painters, wellness, scaffolders, gardening/landscaping, CNC, tilers. It currently looks more difficult here for drivers, warehouses/logisticians and bus drivers.


Currently important industries:

  • Denmark: energy, pharmaceuticals, hearing aids, agriculture, construction and ancillary trades, medicine, metal industry, motorists.
  • Sweden: vehicle manufacturer, engineering, construction and ancillary trades, medicine, metal industry.
  • Norway: vehicle manufacturer and maintenance, education sector, construction and ancillary trades, medicine, metal industry, motorists.

See job offers

  • Our partner in Oslo urgently needs two skilled car bodybuilders professionals for Oslo and the surrounding area. English is enough, a Scandinavian language would be great.
  • An assembly company in ventilation and plant engineering is looking for ventilation fitters for construction sites in Denmark. Payment about 20 € / hour + holiday money. Work experience and driving license class B prerequisite.
  • For several employers in Denmark, we are looking for iron makers, welders, industrial insulators and CNC milling cutters. 118 € / hour gross, rotation possible (e.g. work 4 weeks, one week free), division by hour/day also possible. Accommodation available for free!
  • Companies in Oslo area looking for Engineers and IT specialists, high compensation (430,000-650,000 crowns): Hydraulic engineer, mechanical engineer, engineer automation technology, a software engineer.
  • For companies in the oil and gas industry in Norway, we are looking for Electricians, but also carpenters, plumbers and concrete workers. In addition Engineers, especially electrical Engineers and technical draftsmen will be hired. The employer offers support with the search for housing and bureaucratic matters.
  • A company from Odense is urgently looking for Electricians for projects in Greater Denmark.
  • Healthcare professionals (Nurses/Doctors) are needed urgently in Sweden (More Info here). Likewise, geriatric Nurses have very good chances in Sweden and especially in Norway.
  • In Norway, chefs and kitchen assistants, have currently very good job possibilities.
  • For Norwegian companies in the Oslo area, we are looking for trained electricians and gas-water installers/heating engineers with at least three consecutive years of professional experience (m / w). Starting salary: from 185 NOK corresponds to about 23.70 EURO per hour – everything else is a matter of negotiation, salary payment every 2 weeks, including overtime compensation and other additional benefits. The employer provides housing (1 room flat – so-called Hybel) and also supports the registration/ tax office, police/immigration processes.
  • Engineers of various specializations are sought all over Norway.
  • For Norwegian employers, we are looking for carpenters and roofers. Norwegian is desirable, but often German employees also work in the companies. The same applies to Sweden as well as builders. Carpenters in Norway receive an entry fee of NOK 185 per hour.
  • CNC specialists/mechatronics technicians are currently hired in Norway and Sweden.
  • The entire automotive sector is in urgent need of workers, especially in Norway but also in Sweden.
  • In Sweden and Norway, companies are increasingly looking for bakers and confectioners.
  • Bus drivers are searched in cooperation with a large bus company for the bus and coach traffic in western Norway (Bergen area). Earnings: from 20 € / h, the possibility of overtime payment, the employer can assist with the search for accommodation, requirements: Passenger Certificate Class DE and good Norwegian language skills.
  • A large Norwegian construction company is looking for road maintenance staff. Norwegian mandatory. In general, many companies are looking for employees from the civil engineering sector.
  • A renowned painter near Bergen is looking for painters and flooring technicians. Wages: from NOK 159 / h, assistance with finding accommodation, German contact person on the place, Norwegian knowledge required.
  • For Denmark, we are looking for locksmiths, welders and skilled workers from the construction sector.
  • We are constantly looking for bricklayers for various Norwegian companies (for example in Haugesund, Oslo). Everywhere good earning potential and assistance in finding a flat.
  • Gardeners are sought in Denmark and Norway.
  • IT professionals have good chances in Norway and Sweden  – Here there are many vacancies.


For non-listed occupations, please contact us!